Which systems can the VDS client-side apps be used with?

VDS will launch both a PC and smartphone app. The smartphone app is currently compatible with Android while the PC software runs on Linux and Windows systems. More operating systems will be supported at a later stage.

How do I get an update?

Update information regarding the VDS client-side app will be released on the official website. Updates will also be broadcasted through VAD. You may navigate to the official website by using Tor and entering this address: VDSVVVXXMXPSSSZD.ONION

Is it safe to keep my Bitcoin in VDS?

Yes. The VDS client-side app has a decentralized Bitcoin wallet that is operated independently. It supports Basic, HD, and Multi-signature addresses.

What is a UTXO?

You can think of a UTXO as a running detailed-list for cryptocurrencies that keeps records of every transaction. Your account balance is composed of UTXOs. Anytime new transactions occur the receiving address will be updated with new UTXOs. You may choose a specific UTXO during the trade so as to conduct clear management of your assets.

Do anonymous transactions really allow complete anonymity?

Yes, they can. VDS utilizes the zero-knowledge proof technology behind Zcash Sapling to perform anonymous transactions. This is a method that has been time-tested and it provides full anonymity for both addresses and transaction amounts. This guarantee of privacy and anonymity stems from the fact that it blocks transaction information, as this info is completely encrypted on the blockchain, yet can still be verified as valid on the network by using zero-knowledge proof.

Can tokens be issued through VDS’s smart contracts?

Yes. VDS utilizes the same technological structure as Ethereum, so both of them share the same operational logic in terms of smart contract technology. This will offer VDS developers more room for innovation.